Jefferson City

HI. Today, me, Jonas, Asher, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Cal, and Grandpa went to Jefferson City. First, we went to the Runge Nature Center. We walked around inside for a while. They had a new thing inside. You could climb up a spiral staircase inside a tree truck and then stand on a balcony and look for animals. Cal really liked it but every time he grabbed the railing to go down the stairs, he got shocked. After that, we went outside for a hike. The day before, Grandma and Grandma had given us their digital camera because they got a new one. It is really nice. During the hike, we took a lot of cool pictures. When we finally got to the end of the hike, we decided to go to McAlister’s for lunch. I got a mac-and-cheese kids meal but the mac-and-cheese was about the size of an ice cream scoop. It was good, though. After lunch, we said bye to Grandma and Grandpa and started to drive to downtown Jefferson City. When we got there, we went to the capitol building. We walked around in there for a bit then walked around downtown. We went into a book and toy store and there I found a really fluffy stuffed chicken. I really wanted it. Eventually, we finished walking to the car and drove home. It was a really fun trip!!!!!!!!

Have a good day everyone



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